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If there’s a SINGLE professional service event you must attend this summer, then don’t miss out on:

The Recession-Proof Power Summit

Unlocking the Secrets to 7-Figure Success in the Professional Service Industry in Any Economic Climate

Day of the event: $197

In this event, you will:

Get your hands on the essential skills and tools you really need to navigate through any economic situation and meet your profit goals. And guess what? It’s all packed into one amazing event!

Event starts in:

Day of the event: $197


2-day virtual event for professional service companies: Law firms, consultants, financial advisors, etc.


July 12th-13th Starting
9:00 am – 1:30 pm
EST Both Days


Because you’ll get the step-by-step guide in key areas like Sales, Operations, and Human Resources that’ll revamp your business in ways you wouldn’t believe.

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Why you shouldn’t miss The Recession-Proof Summit:

Law Firms
Accounting Firms
You’re beginning to experience the effects of an economic downturn.

Perhaps you’re noticing it with cash-flow problems? Customers are spending less and less on “non-essentials” because they’re afraid. We all are seeing the same thing: spiking inflation, massive layoffs. No wonder it’s becoming more and more difficult for our clients to open their wallets.

And on top of it all:

The old-school sales tactics you've been clutching onto? They're as good as extinct. The marketplace has evolved and so must your strategies.
The laborious manual operations of yore (Excel spreadsheets anyone?). They're swiftly being eclipsed by the sophistication of automation software. Adapt or be left behind.
Search engine visibility? It's an uphill battle against the ever-changing algorithms of digital marketing. You're virtually invisible to your prospective clients if you don't stay ahead.
And let's not forget leadership methodologies. These need a serious overhaul, especially in light of the rising employee burnout stemming from our unpredictable climate. Upgrade or risk losing your team.
The overload of information can be paralyzing; I’ve witnessed this struggle firsthand with my clientele. That’s precisely why together with Hite Digital we’ve pioneered The Recession-Proof Power Summit.

We’ve rallied an elite group of industry mavens under one banner because I want you to absorb and implement their game-changing strategies, empowering you to wrestle any economic climate into submission and outpace every competitor who dares to step in your path.

I’m Jeff Zelaya, the VP of Demand Generation at Hite Digital, the agency known as the “Chick-fil-a of Marketing Agencies”. When it comes to corporate strategic direction and overall business growth, I’m the go-to guy. At Hite, we’re on a mission to make a real impact in people’s lives, empowering them to smash their goals, just like we’re striving to do with this incredible Summit.

But listen up, Hite is more than just numbers and pats on the back. We’re all about rollin’ up our sleeves, getting down to business, and nurturing success. Our exceptional team, our rockstar partners, and of course, our cherished clients—they’re the backbone of what we do. Digital marketing? That’s our bread and butter. Empowering people? It’s the fuel that keeps our engines revving. So buckle up, my friend, because at Hite, we’re on a mission to turn dreams into reality, and we won’t stop until we’ve knocked it out of the park together.

I’ll be at the helm of this summit, spearheading the conversations with each speaker to ensure we delve into the most current trends impacting the professional service industry.

We’ll explore:

Sales techniques that genuinely deliver
Tricks of the trade for data management
How to cultivate a leadership mentality primed to propel you to your zenith of potential - and that's just the tip of the iceberg!
Be a part of this summit and begin to chisel out your own invincible edge, one that stands resolute against the sands of time.

Step up and stake your claim in this dynamic landscape.

Day of the event: $197

Our Speakers have been featured on

Day 01 July 12

Itinerary | Eastern Time

9:05 - Juan P. Gonzalez

“Talent Matters: Addressing Today’s Professional Services Industry Imperatives”

9:55 am - Jeff Zelaya

“Building your Personal Brand”

10:45 am - Meridith Powell

“THRIVE: Turn Uncertainty Into Your Competitive Advantage”

11:35 am - Jeff Bajorek

“Unlocking Your Sales Superpower”

12:25 Pm - Shawn Cook

“MMM MMM Good Selling”

Day 02 July 13

Itinerary | Eastern Time

9:05 AM - Emma Liger Zelaya

“Market Disruption – Will you be in the red or black?”

9:55 am - Liz Wendling

“Convert More Prospects Into Clients: How To Sell Your Services And Get Hired On The Spot”

10:45 am - Matthew Pollard

“The Introvert’s Edge”

11:35 am - Kevin Lao

“Handling Objections with Empathy”

12:25 Pm - Dolores Stevens

“How to Get Unstuck And Unlock Creativity”

Learn from industry experts who will craft a winning game plan for you:


Jeff Zelaya

VP of Demand Generation
Hite Digital

Liz Wendling

Sales Coach For Service-Based Professionals

Juan Pablo Gonzalez

Senior Partner Professional Services
Korn Ferry

Jeff Bajorek

Sales Trainer,
Advisor and Coach

Shawn Cook

VP New Business Direct Sales

Kevin Lao

Managing Vice President
MNTN (Mountain)

Meridith Elliott

CEO & Hall of Fame Speaker

Emma Liger Z. - CPA

Owner - Tax Financial Advisor
Liger Zelaya Advisory

Matthew Pollard

Founder - Rapid Growth® Coach

Dolores Stevens

Leadership Coach & Consultant


How can I know if this is right for me?

Uncover the answers at The Recession-Proof Power Summit, where an exceptional gathering of professional service titans unites. They’ll pool their collective wisdom and expertise, unveiling the exact strategies that have propelled them to the storefront and that will help you outshine your competitors.

Is this an online or in-person event?

The Recession-Proof Power Summit is a fully immersive virtual experience. Even if you’re unable to attend live, worry not! Replay access will be granted to ticket holders. Be aware, however, that availability is limited, as our Zoom room can accommodate only a certain number of participants.

Where will this take place?

Prepare to be transported to the summit’s virtual realm via Zoom. A confidential link will be sent directly to your email, granting you exclusive access.

Will I receive support if I encounter obstacles?

Absolutely! You’ll have the opportunity to engage with the speakers directly, pose questions, and receive personalized feedback on any matter you desire.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Rest assured, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you believe this summit failed to live up to your expectations, we’ll gladly refund your ticket price without hesitation.

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